Online Learning Management System

This site is intended to support both traditional and online course work for students and staff development training for Maple River Public Schools staff members. To use this site a staff member will need to get his/her login name and password from the site administrator.

The initial staff administrator and contact for this site will be:
Dee Stencel - Technology Coordinator :
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Some of the objectives for this learning and support site are to:

  • Provide an online staff development tool to support the district training programs
  • Support K-12 project teams and work groups with online meeting tools
  • Apply LMS technology to new work areas such as curriculum development, etc.

    Available courses

    Use this to create new courses when uploading large number or to restore single instances.

    For juniors looking to strengthen their analysis of literature.

    A look at Minnesota authors and their craft.

    Information can be found here to answer questions from FitCred Criteria in Phy. Ed. to finding the Health Book.